The Reversal – Michael Connelly

I have to say, Michael Connelly’s  latest doesn’t disappoint!

Harry Bosch is back from Hong Kong.

This time, he is investigating an old case for which someone has already been tried and convicted of, but in the day and age of DNA testing has been granted a retrial based upon these new findings.

Mickey Haller is one who usually defends the accused.  This time however, he is representing the prosecution.

There are some problems with the case as it stands.  There are political issues along with the rest of the prejudicial ones, as well as the case was tried so long ago that some of the witnesses are dead, and the trail of leads has been dry for many decades since the accused has been serving his sentence.

The accused new attorney is only defending him for just the celebrity of it, not because he is sure his client is innocent.

As the accused is back on the streets ( can you believe that) back to a life he long left when he was behind bars.  But as time goes by as the trial is starting, he maybe back to his old haunts, old ways, even if he is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

I am a bit divided on how the book ended.  It had me going from the first page to the last in a feverish pace, even though I had another book on the go when I received the review copy, I had to start reading it right away. I was just a bit disappointed.  That is the way I felt, but maybe you will feel different after you finish it.  Please let me know!

Hachette / Little Brown

Listen to an Excerpt


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