Yellowknife – Steve Zipp

The time is 1998, the millennium looms.  Yellowknife, capital of one-third of Canada and home to beasts and bureaucrats is about to become a player in the world diamond market.

People come here for the damnedest reasons.  Something to do with the North Pole, maybe it attracts them, I think.  Like, there’s metal filling in their heads of something.

A penniless drifter, a businessman v obsessed with bones, an artist with a baseball bat, a fellow academic who lives at the dump, a biologist with the name of a fungus, a native man older than Canada, a Mountie with a jaw of steel.

At first, I was really looking forward to this book since it was featured on the Afterword’s Canada Also Reads by the National Post.

I was disappointed though.  The book for me went very slow, I tried my damnedest to keep reading but in the end it held no real ties to me, as I gently laid it down back into the throes of my bookshelf, and I defeated and feeling like I should have really wanted to finish it, since it is a Canadian novel.  I have been saying to anyone and everyone who will listen that Canadian novels are distinctly different from other from around the world – they feel different, their voices different, the land they come from just as different as any other place.


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Read chapter 1 of Yellowknife


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