Coppermine – Keith Ross Leckie

In the middle of WWI, a Northwest Mounted Police Officer Jack Creed and his Inuit interpreter are sent out on a journey to go as far up north, near the shores of the Arctic Ocean to search for 2 Catholic Priests that have disappeared in the remote Arctic region known as Coppermine.

As they get closer to Coppermine, they start to hear stories & rumours about the priests – One who believes very much in his mission, and the second one who has an angry temper that may have gotten them both into trouble.

Possibly even more than they bargained for…

As they travel, it isn’t only the Priests who have secrets.  Why is it Jack has taken this particular assignment immediately after finishing one?  The Inuit interpreter also has a few secrets as well.

On top of it all this, is the brutal, dangerous, frigid expanse of the Arctic to tend with.

The fight for survival has never been so desperate to overcome.

I loved this novel, it is written as if you are standing right next to the characters in the book whether they are in the courtroom, on the frigid expanse of the Arctic, or snuggling together in a makeshift igloo to keep the cold at bay, trying to survive.

Will all of the characters get what they are looking for or are attempting to avoid?

This book will be great for men and women, there is a little bit of everything.  It is also based on real events.

Penguin – Viking

Keith’s Website – you can read an excerpt, as well as take a peek into what he is doing now


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