Dracula In Love – Karen Essex

Mina is happy with her life, working as a teacher of manners, betrothed to her fiancée, making plans to be married in the near future even when she thought she would be a spinster considering her meager upbringing until she moved to where she now works in London for a finishing school for girls.

Lately, she’s been having these really vivid sexual dreams that seem as real as the life she is living.  She has no idea as to who the man is in her dreams, it certainly isn’t her fiancée.

He is the count we all know as Dracula.

As her fiance is out-of-town researching, he becomes ill with some kind of delirium where he has the same kind of vivid dreams as his fiancée.  His involves three women from a strange place.  When he recounts his interaction with these women from his hospital bed, the doctors think he is a bit mad.

This book is the opposite of the original Dracula, based on the women’s perspective.  I have to admit, while intrigued, this really wasn’t my cup of tea, and I did not finish it.

If you have read Dracula and liked it, you will like Karen’s interpretation from the woman’s point of view.

Random House – Doubleday

Read an Excerpt

Reading Group Guide

Karen’s Website


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