Hot House Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire – Margot Berwin

Gloxinia – Love at first sight

Mexican Cycad – Plant of Immortality

Moonflower – Bringer of fertility and procreation

Sinsemiella – Plant of female sexuality

Mandrake – Plant of magic

Lilly of the Valley – Delivers life force, can replace digitalis as a medication for an ailing heart

Chicory – Plant of Freedom

Datura – Plant of mind travel and high adventures

10th Plant – has no name, but you will find out inside the book

Lila works in publicity bouncing back from a divorce.  She lives in a plain apartment, where she is recommended a Bird of Paradise plant from on of the vendors in her New York neighbourhood market.

This is where it really becomes interesting.

The man she buys the plant from, shows her a life outside people and places – plants.

She then comes across a laundromat that looks more like a garden filled with lush and vibrant plants, even grass on the floor.  It is filled with tropical and rare plants.  The owner of this place is just as quirky as his laundromat that is smack dab in the middle of the city.

He gives her a clipping of a plant that is in the window and tells her if she can get it to root, he will show her the rest of the plants he has locked away in the back of his storefront.

The legend of the nine plants supposedly brings the owner fame, fortune, immortality and passion.  They are so rare, they are worth thousands of dollars, not to mention the medicinal properties to rival anything found in today’s drugstores.

Through the city, the rainforests of Mexico Lila enters another world of shamans, spirits, animals, snake charmers and one particular sexy man, but then again it could be the plants talking.

She is forced to learn more than she’s ever wanted to know about the plants and herself on a journey of self discovery, amongst adventure, and possible death, humidity and heat in more ways than one.

Intriguing, yet mystical, a perfect novel for when one needs a bit of escapism, who are a bit skeptical, and possibly ones who have always believed.

It is the perfect book to take you away from the cold and the rain that fall and winter brings to us around this time of year alongside your favorite hot beverage being taken away to the hot and humid weather of Mexico into another world, what else could be a better remedy?

Random House – Vintage

Hot House Flowers Website

Hot House Flower Facebook page

Read the first chapter

Readers Guide


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