Vanishing and Other Stories – Deborah Willis

Deborah Willis is a new and favorite author!

Vanishing and Other Stories is a set of short stories where some vanishing does occur, and in others her pure depth and feeling of the characters whether they are missing lovers, never met before, parents or children.

I look at this book and think about all of the characters as if they are someone I know I have met once or twice.

In the 14 stories presented in this book, there isn’t just one particular story that is a favorite, they are all favorites.

The complexity of characters, their dilemmas, joys and failures are all relevant.  They are the stories that anyone can relate to, or may not have experienced, but gain some sort of lesson or information about it.

It is as if you are in the same room with them as the story progresses.

Sure, short stories are not as long as a regular novel, if Deborah can write short stories like this, I will be looking forward to seeing some longer pieces of work in the future, such as a full length novel.

Vanishing and Other Stories is published in the US by Harper Perennial, In Canada it is published by Penguin Canada.

Deborah’s Website

Reading Group Guide

The Globe and Mail’s Review

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