Girls To The Front – The True Story of The Riot Grrrl Revolution – Sara Marcus

Once, a radical feminist uprising that was started in the 1990’s, being difficult as it was to be a woman, much less voicing your opinion about equal rights was almost unheard of.

Then came the Riot Grrrls.

Girls and young women were upset, not having patience about was happening with their voices weren’t being heard.  A few girls from Seattle started an underground movement, that once it started hit the musical waves, it became to be noticed and listened to.

With the start of grunge bands such as Bikini Kill not to mention many others, helped make the movement mainstream.

Throughout the US, Canada and then Europe and beyond with their music, their homemade zines, the local chapters and most importantly through personal introspection of every one  that joined, it grew.

Even today, as they started the movement, it still goes on, with women’s movements, groups and just a few women sitting down after a long day at work or tending to everyday life, they are learning to stand up for what they believe in, which at one time was easier than it sounded.

These no holes barred women are the ones that brought women’s rights and the right to be heard to the forefront.  So that if a woman needed to be heard, it is easier now then it once was and for future young women.

Sure, there was problems along the way, but they brought feminism back to the main stage so to speak.

Not only is it a story about finding your own place in the world, but being not afraid to show it.

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Harper Collins – Harper Perennial


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