Behemoth – Scott Westerfield

ALL RIGHT !!  Deryn and Alek are back.

From Deryn impersonating a boy to realize her dream to be a mid-shipman, she/he are in for the ride / adventure of their lives.

Alek, as well is keeping a few secrets, mainly who he really is, but you will learn more about Alek, along with a few more characters amongst all of the other ” Bum Rags” that Deryn and Alek encounter on their fast paced adventures.

As with Leviathan, Scott has gone gangbusters with non stop action and adventure into this alternative historical account of a world that could very well resemble different places around the world.  He does explain in more detail at the end of this book.

The fast paced action/ adventure/ thriller of this whole other world will have you laughing out loud at the things that Deryn says or waiting ever so patiently (right) for what will happen next.  The detail, along with the fantastic art work done by Keith Thompson will have you entrenched until the last page is read and you want to know what happens in the third and final book of the series.

For all of the young readers eagerly anticipating this book, they certainly will not be disappointed…the adults won’t be disappointed either.

I cannot wait for the third and final installment.  I wish I could get my hands on it now, instead of sometime NEXT YEAR!

Simon and Schuster

Read an Excerpt


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