What have I been doing – A catch up post of sorts…

WHEW!! I am back !

First of all an apology to all that come and frequent the good old blog, I have been away for a bit, but back once again with all sorts of books to keep you entertained over the holiday season, which I shall be posting as soon as I can, so keep checking in I am sure that there will be something for everyone.

I recently had a health scare that needed to be taken care of.  If you have me on Facebook, you have heard about my woes and have waited patiently for a neurosurgery consultation, which I just had and the news is good…NO surgery for now.  But, still work to be done, that will get started in the new year.

I think in the past month I have read close to 20 books.  Some good and some I just couldn’t finish, the premises sounded great, but maybe it was that old being in a reading funk or my mind wasn’t into what I had chosen off my shelves at the time, but I did finish some really fantastic novels as well as some great short story collections that have recently been nominated throughout Canada and elsewhere.  Some were just plain fun, that I have wanted to read for ages, but with my reading schedule, something had to break, so I indulged….and indulged I did.

First of all, I read Angelina the unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie by Andrew Morton.  From the sounds of it, she had a very tumultuous life so far, filled with strife and hopefully she is happier now.  If you are a fan of these sorts of books, I would recommend it, possibly just to see how the other half live, or how she does.

My all time favorite author Nora Roberts (I know she is a favorite of yours too) I finally hunkered down and read all four books in the Bride Quartet.  I can say that she hasn’t lost any of her talent, she keeps getting better and better, albeit, even if it is chick lit, a bit of escapism is good at times of stress right?

Lisa Black has come out with her third book – Trail of Blood.  I read this and was impressed more with this one then her second book – Evidence of  Murder.  I liked this one more than her second and liked it just as much if not more than her first book – Takeover.

I have received many books, far more than I can possibly read and review for the end of the year.  I have made the decision that I don’t want to accept any more review copies (unless they jump right out at me and scream READ ME) until I have finished all of the commitments I already have.  Yeah, like that is going to stop me !

I also have to get my Best Books of 2010 whittled down to 10 from 25 books.  That will be happening hopefully on the weekend, among other reviews I have to get posted.

Nick my amazing son also has a few reviews up his sleeve as well, so get ready for those.  He really does has a few gems that were sent to him from the amazing people at DK Books here in Canada – Thank You Chris !! Phenomenal as always and you spoil us so much.

I have been also on a sewing rampage – from Reading Pillows to a nifty fleece coat I made for myself, there have been many, many late nights sitting in front of the sewing machine…not to mention thread all over the floor !

So, a busy few weeks ahead ! Enjoy, and keep checking in.




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