A Greener Christmas – Sheherazade Goldsmith

Decorate the Christmas Tree with homemade gingerbread men, craft a simple wreath from fallen leaves, make gift labels and cards from vintage fabrics, or design a stocking, bake festive breads and use to fill gift baskets with and all with locally outsourced organic food.

Escape the modern-day commercialized Christmas and enjoy a simpler, more home spun way of celebrating.

I received this book and was looking forward to it to get some mew ideas on what I could do.

Right now, I am a bit divided on the book.  The whole idea of getting away from the more commercialized parts of Christmas appealed to me.  A lot of the activities you may have to plan ahead of time to be able to complete for example the leaf wreath, some of the activities are more for the younger children.

There are some good ideas as well as recipes in the back of the book.  One thing I didn’t like about the book was suggesting that you re using old bottles and containers that could be possibly hard to find than just buying them.

The recipes are great, from the Vanilla cookies to the Honey Roast Ham to jams and jellies you can use in gift baskets are really great ideas – planning ahead is a big theme in this book like I mentioned before.

I may use one or two ideas out of the whole book this year to see how they work out.

There are also a huge list of websites not only from the US but Canada as well to help you reuse and recycle, or just for more ideas.

DK Publishing

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3 thoughts on “A Greener Christmas – Sheherazade Goldsmith

  1. I made the Ginger cake in the cookbook A Greener Christmas and it was a complete failure. iBake for 45 minutes and I had it baking for 90 minutes. It was still tacky after that long.It was like toffee. Just wondering if the recipe was missing somthing or what did I do wrong. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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