The Complete Human Body – The Definitive Visual Guide – DK Publishing

I have to say, what a GREAT BOOK! Not just because most of my post high school education was in the form of Nursing School and the Sciences, this is a great book for anyone who is an old pro at knowing about the human body, or just beginning to wondering what it is all about.

This is the definitive visual guide to all things inside.  The anatomy, physiology, development and some disorders.  From computer generated illustrations along with the latest medical and microscopic imaging explain every aspect of the human body more clearly than ever before.

  • The Integrated Body – Overview of the body and what makes us unique – evolutionary and genetic makeup
  • Anatomy Atlas – Starting from the head working down to the toes on your feet, every part is examined in intimate detail using state of the art 3-d illustrations and scans.
  • How the Body Works – After structure, comes function right? Organized by system – skin, hair, nails, everything you need to know about everything using illustrations and clear understandable text.
  • Life Cycle – We go through various stages of growth and development as well as change during our lives.  Using charts from birth right through to death.
  • Diseases and Disorders – We are vulnerable to disease malfunctions and infections.  This part includes over 200 of the most common.

As well, there is an interactive DVD that is included as part of the book.

Like I said I absolutely love this book.  My son has been studying some science this past term, so it is a great resource for him.  He has been referring to it quite a bit.

DK Publishing

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2 thoughts on “The Complete Human Body – The Definitive Visual Guide – DK Publishing

  1. I have purchased the book w/ the dvd rom and the dvd rom will not work so I returned it to sam’s club…I got home with the new one and the dvd rom will not work….I have windows vista..this is for a computer correct..

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