HUGE Post – Collection of Brady Games Game Guides

As you can see my darling son has a serious game obsession !

I am doing all of these books in one post, because a lot of the same strategies are in all of the games you see in the stores and online.

Have you ever wanted to get ahead in one of those games you are playing?  Is there something that you are stuck on and need a hint or trick to get you through to the next level?

Brady Games Guides has you covered.  With the full colour illustrations and photographs, the graphs, as well as possible tricks, cheats, and cool things that you may not have gotten have you not gotten one of these game guides will make it all worth while.

Some of the books do include spoilers, but be assured, your game playing will never be the same.  From start to finish, the books contain everything  you need to know about the game – controls, features, levels, campaigns, weapons, and even multiplayer modes that will have you glued to the game more than before…Is that even possible?

The full colour photographs taken directly from the games themselves are just awesome in my son’s humble opinion.  Right now he is glued to the UFC Undisputed 2010 looking inside the guide for tips and tricks that are new from the previous version of UFC 2009.

The guides themselves are most of the time for all games for instance Modern Warfare 2 covers Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the computer game, the reflex edition of Modern Warfare on ly covers the Wii edition, or just separate game consoles, so be careful when selecting a guide.

Brady Games also has a website where you can download certain e-guides, secret codes, and added extras for the serious gamer in your family.

Brady Games also has Facebook Page as well as a page on YouTube

These guides would even be a great addition to the games that are being given for Christmas too! They are also reasonably priced.



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