Quickie Q and A with Catherine McKenzie

Where or what gave you the idea for the main premise in Arranged? – A lot of ideas that were floating around in my head collasced at once. I knew a few men who’d had “traditional” arranged marriages. The Bachelor and similar shows were everywhere. One day I asked myself  – “if an arranged marriage service existed in North America, who would use it?” –  and then I got excited.

Was there something about arranged marriages that made you want to include it in your latest novel? – I think it’s a logical extension of what we see as entertainment these days – people letting others choose their mates for them. I wanted to explore why so many people are willing to do this, and how far they’d go if they thought it would bring them happiness.

What is it about chick lit that made you want to write 2 already, will you continue to write more in this genre, or will you change gears and write another genre? – I write the stories that come to me. I never intended to specifically write chick lit (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) – not in the traditional sense of say, The Devil Wears Prada. What I want to do is write the best books I can and make them as entertaining as I can.

With the advent of more and more people going online to find the loves of their life, do you think arranged marriages or a similar type of introduction services will make a comeback from being a mostly old custom for certain countries, or even larger than it was or is? – I think it is entirely possible. At the very least, I expect a reality television series based on this idea to pop up any minute now.

Do you think that attitudes have changed since the time arranged marriages have been a way of life in some cultures? – I think it depends on what culture you’re talking about. If you mean North America, then definitely, though the idea of marrying for love goes much further back than some people think, depending on the social sphere in which you lived. I think most people in our culture expect to marry for love, and a lot of people expect that love to be the love-of-their-love-soul-mate kind. Which is setting the bar pretty high.

Thanks so much Catherine for you time and the book !

If you would like to win a copy of the book stay tuned after this post to learn how you can.

If you would like to read my review of Spin, it is located here

Here is my previous Q and A I did with Catherine, when her first book SPIN came out.  SPIN just came out re released as a P.S. edition, go and check it out.


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