#14 – Sew Step By Step – Alison Smith

Want to learn how to sew?  Sew Step By Step explains all of the techniques and tools you will need to get started.

Covers basic hand stitches, sewing with a machine, decorative stitches, fastenings and finishings.

Each step is clearly demonstrated helping you master techniques from the beginning.

Includes photographs and explanations of all of the essential tools, and information on how to build you basic kit.

Packed with more than 200 easy-to-follow techniques, from sewing on a button to personalizing a garment, Sew Step by Step brings these traditional, practical, and artistic crafts up to date with advice on contemporary styles and new materials, introducing these immensely satisfying skills to a whole new generation. – Publishers Website

I really love this book.  As a sewing fanatic nowadays, this book gave me the tools that I not only forgot about but new ones that I haven’t mastered yet.  If you are new to sewing or an old pro that needs to brush up on skills, this is the go to book for you.

I love the full colour photographs that show you step by step what you need to do for that basic stitch or a complicated hem, fastening, buttonhole, hem, everything is covered, even decorative stitching and quilting.

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