#21 – The Rough Guide to Classic Novels – Simon Mason

Get the lowdown on the best fiction ever written. Over 230 of the world’s greatest novels are covered, from Quixote (1614) to Orhan Pamuk’s Snow (2002), with fascinating information about their plots and their authors – and suggestions for what to read next.

The guide comes complete with recommendations of the best editions and translations for every genre from the most enticing crime and punishment to love, sex, heroes and anti-heroes, not to mention all the classics of comedy and satire, horror and mystery and many other literary genres. With feature boxes on experimental novels, female novelists, short reviews of interesting film and TV adaptations, and information on how the novel began, this guide will point you to all the classic literature you’ll ever need.

  • Crime and Punishment – From the ribaldry of Defoe’s Moll Flanders to the tough-guy noir of Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep.
  • Love, Sex and Romance – All the Tears, flirtations and obsessions, from Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice to Madame Bovary and Lolita.
  • Heroes and Anti Heroes – The dashing and the daring, and a rogue’s gallery of villans and cads, from Tess of the D’Ubervilles to Camus’ The Outsider.

Not to mention…

  • Comedy and Satire, Feature boxes on World War I novels, Magic Realism, Balzac’s La Comedie Humaine among many others. – Publishers Website

This is my go to guide for everything classic or how you would say historic fiction novels and beyond.  It gives you examples of what to read next if you have read a certain novel, gives you the low down on each of the novels as well as interesting side stories with covers.  It isn’t a huge book,  just a bit smaller than a paperback,  but is packed with information to let you make the decision on what to read next.


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