#23 – The Guardians – Andrew Pyper

There’s no such thing as an empty house…

Trevor, Randy, Ben and Carl grew up together in the small town of Grimshaw as many boys do — playing hockey and forging friendships that run deep. Twenty-four years later, when Ben commits suicide, the three remaining friends gather once again in their hometown. But going home means going back, and that’s not always easy. The three men are forced to confront their memories of a sinister crime that happened in an abandoned house in their neighbourhood — a crime that claws its way into the present, leaving its indelible mark on everyone. – Publishers Website

What a book! When growing up as a kid in a small town myself, there was always one of these houses in the neighbourhood.  Old, run down, ragged bushes, lawn unkept – there was always an eerie quality to them that made you stay away.  Andrew Pyper does this and so much more.  As I read, I became entranced with the storyline as more and more was revealed.  So much that, I read a bit faster to see what was around the bend.  Near the end, I thought ok, this has to be it…Little did I know that there were a few more tricks up Andrew’s sleeve so to speak.  It draws you in slowly, so much that you do not realize it has happened until you are spooked out of your mind – sweating, anxious, afraid to speak.

Andrew is currently touring around Ontario, so go and check his website for dates where he may be where you are !

Andrew’s Website Read an Excerpt


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