#26 – You and Your Future Your Signs, Your In-Depth Personality Patterns, Your 40 Year Horoscope – Georgia Nichols

You and Your Future is the first book by Canada’s foremost astrologer, Georgia Nicols, whose newspaper columns are read daily by millions. Now you can read 40 years of forecasts (1985-2025), allowing you to predict your future by testing Georgia’s accuracy in reading your past.

Never before has a single astrology book spanned four decades of change — it’s the only astrology book you’ll ever need!

Georgia’s sage advice for being happy in this — mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world is tailored to each sign. Here is a book you will treasure as it helps you reach your highest self. And you’ll be pulling it out of the bookcase and referring to it for the next quarter century.


  • What Makes You Tick
  • What Your Style Is in Love and Romance
  • When Partnerships Are in Jeopardy
  • When You Should Buy or Sell Real Estate
  • When a Major Move Is Coming
  • When to Ask for a Raise or Promote Your Career
  • Who You Really Are at Home and at Work
  • How to Be a Happier Person

Eerily accurate and written in Georgia’s wickedly witty trademark style, You and Your Future is an entertaining and insightful astrology guide that works! – Publishers Website

I did enjoy this humorous book.  Although I am divided on whether Astrology is real or not, I did find some things pretty darn accurate.  It is different for every sign, so this is a must read for those who do understand and believe in this type of research.  The intimate detailing as well as the humour that Georgia includes will have you chuckling you way through, reading what your sign is great and not so great at.  As a matter of fact, my son even had looked up his own sign to see what would behold him in his future – he’s 12.  He did enjoy learning about his sign as well.

Georgia’s WebsiteFollow Georgia on Twitter

Also be sure to check out her website for tour dates, daily horoscopes as well as other great tidbits!


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