#33 – Inkblot – Drip, Splat, and Squish Your Way To Creativity – Margaret Peot

Leonardo da Vinci saw landscapes and battles in the swirls of a marble wall.  The novelist Victor Hugo splashed coffee and wine on paper and found castles and monsters in the splatters.

Now Margaret Peot shows how anyone can use inkblots as keys to creativity.

For Decades, the author has been using inkblots she makes to spark her own creativity.  Now she shares her insights and techniques in this beautiful treatment of the subject.  From basic tips on paper and ink to advanced approaches for transforming splatters and ink blobs into works of art, she sets readers on a path to creating their own inkblots.

Her enthusiastic text and step-by-step approach will encourage even the most reluctant artist, and her stunning artworks will inspire readers to create inkblots that are uniquely their own. – Inside Flap Hardcover Edition

My son and I LOVE this book.  You can create just about anything your heart desires, sometimes without even noticing you are even creating something so rich and alive.  Most of you have maybe seen these before as being used in Psychiatrists or Psychologists offices as a tool.  Now, you can make them yourself and have an original to me art on your walls.  Margaret gives you the tools and tips to make your very own.  What can I say, My son and I have already used up a whole ream of paper making our own designs.  You should see the ink on our fingers !

This book is absolutely perfect for one of those rainy day afternoons when the kids come to you saying I’m Bored ! or as a camping activity.  Even as an art activity to do at school.  It does not matter if you are already an artist, or are one of those who don’t think that you are not so great at art, you will be astounded at the images you can see through the images.

Stay tuned, Margaret has done a Q and A with me. I also have ONE copy to giveaway to a lucky reader! TOMORROW!!

Here are a few of the inkblots Nick and I have done the last few days, can you not imagine what these can become !?! I’m excited.

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5 thoughts on “#33 – Inkblot – Drip, Splat, and Squish Your Way To Creativity – Margaret Peot

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    • Thanks Cindy! The black ones are mostly mine, Nick used most of the other colours – the red and the blue.

      It is a great activity to do, you can do what you want and it still being your own “masterpiece”

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