#39 – Earth Matters – An Encyclopedia of Ecology – David De Rothschild

With a biome-by-biome structure that mirrors Mother Nature’s own design, Earth Matters is a celebration of our fragile Earth, a warning to protect it, and an inspiring source book full of ideas for making a positive change.

A family encyclopedia, Earth Matters celebrates our incredible world from the Arctic to the Amazon.

It explores our planet’s habitats, examines how climate change effects the animals and plants that live in each one, and advises on the positive practical things we can do to help! – Publishers Website, Back Cover

Did you know that one person can make all the difference when helping to protect our fragile planet ?Just imagine if that one person recruited another and so on !

If only we were the change we all wished to see in the world – We could and would change it for the better.

If everyone made a conscious decision to change just one thing – either by understanding, being motivated  and committed,  we would achieve what all of the scientists are saying now, or at least have the planet last just a bit longer.

This book includes absolutely everything you will ever want to know about the earth’s ecology.  From glaciers to the largest mountains to the bottom of the deepest sea.  With full colour photographs, facts which I have to say are very easily understandable.

What is it you are waiting for?  Let’s change our ways and help our planet live a bit longer so other generations will be able to experience its beauty and awe.

So in honour of Earth Day that is tomorrow do something for the Earth !

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One thought on “#39 – Earth Matters – An Encyclopedia of Ecology – David De Rothschild

  1. We actually bought this book to replace the one of it we had bought before. My son is now almost two years old. He loves this book. It is a BIG book filled with amazing info and (more importantly) pictures. He loved this book so much that before he could carry it he would slide it across the floor for me to read. This book is a MUST for any child that has any interest in animals at all.

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