#45 – Star Wars – The ULTIMATE Visual Guide Special Edition 30th Anniversary – Ryder Windham, Daniel Wallace

The definitive companion to the entire Star Wars phenomenon, in a special updated edition: Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide uncovers the full story of the amazing Star Wars saga, with more than 1,000 images from the movies, cartoons, comics, and novels, along with merchandise, behind-the-scenes photography, and much more!

This Special Edition features brand-new overviews of the latest comic books, new information on merchandise, as well as a special feature on fan celebrations.

The History of the Star Wars galaxy, Key Characters, technology, droids, aliens, and locations.  Behind the scenes information on the making of the movies.  Collectibles and merchandise, Full colour illustrations from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Comics, Novels, and Video Games. Publishers Website and Back of Hardcover

Seriously, who hasn’t already seen all of the movies at least once?  Either you were a die-hard fan when the first one came out way back in 1976.  Yes, it has been that long.  But in the world of Star Wars, it is just a moment away in one of the extravagant space ships on some far, far away galaxy that we have all come to know and love.

Who was your favorite character?  Luke Skywalker? Darth Vader? Yoda ? Princess Leia? Chewbacca?  Obi Wan Kenobi? Well they are all here and all of the many new characters that have evolved along the years with new and exciting worlds as well.

This book was originally published in 2005, but it was again updated and republished with new content for the 30th Anniversary in 2007.  Since the series came out there have been novelizations, new series, movies, readers, and comics that keep the universe alive even today.

As my son and I looked through the book, we loved the full colour illustrations and the not so new facts that we never knew about.  A few years ago, we entered a contest from DK in the United States for a Star Wars contest, and he happened to win!  I think the blog was asking what his favorite character was, as DK was releasing one of their now best-selling books Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary.

Another reason he was so into Star Wars, was that he was about to compete in a Lego League competition where the kids built their own robots and competed on a course doing different things with their somewhat homemade robots.  When they did compete, they WON the spirit award for their participation at the event!

So, as May the 4th Be With You Day begins or ends where ever you may be in our own universe, come and take a look inside this book and the many others that DK Worldwide have published in honor of STAR WARS and May the Force Be With You !!

Above this post is an extra special post about May the 4th Be with You and what DK Canada is doing this year in honor of this humble occasion around the world, so it is so exciting that I can hardly contain myself it WILL be so fun, that is if you choose to participate!! For details go click here

Since this book was republished back in 2007 and it was the 30th anniversary,  since it is 2011 that means an even more special anniversary – the 35th one !! Long live the FORCE !

Star Wars SiteDK CanadaDK USA

This is the trailer for Star Wars trailer from 1997 Special Edition ENJOY !!


One thought on “#45 – Star Wars – The ULTIMATE Visual Guide Special Edition 30th Anniversary – Ryder Windham, Daniel Wallace

  1. Lego and Star Wars are a winning combination in my house. I don’t know tht I have a fav character. Probably would be from the original movie though.

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