#46 – The Bayou Trilogy – Daniel Woodrell

In the parish of St. Bruno, sex is easy, corruption festers, and double-dealing is a way of life. Rene Shade is an uncompromising detective swimming in a sea of filth.

As Shade takes on hit men, porn kings, a gang of ex-cons, and the ghosts of his own checkered past, Woodrell’s three seminal novels pit long-entrenched criminals against the hard line of the law, brother against brother, and two vastly different sons against a long-absent father.

THE BAYOU TRILOGY highlights the origins of a one-of-a-kind author, a writer who for over two decades has created an indelible representation of the shadows of the rural American experience and has steadily built a devoted following among crime fiction aficionados and esteemed literary critics alike. – Publishers Website

This is a great trilogy of books !  You don’t know the year, or the decade that they take place, but it gives you the feeling of a gritty place in Louisiana, where just about anything goes.   Either in town or outside of, everyone seems to have a brilliant idea to get out of the problem they are in, even if crime was the original thing that put them in the predicament in the first place.

All three separately give you a greater sense of the main characters, the town, and the people.  Even though Rene Shade has a past of his own, as all of the people do in this town, it doesn’t stop him from finding the bad guys, he just knows how to get them better than the bad guys think he would.

Just a side note, Daniel is the author of Winter’s Bone, which was also nominated for an Oscar last year.


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