#52 – The Witch of Babylon – D. J. McIntosh

Out of the searing heat and sandstorms of the infamous summer of 2003 in Baghdad comes The Witch of Babylon, a gripping story rooted in ancient Assyrian lore and its little-known but profound significance for the world.

John Madison is a Turkish-American art dealer raised by his much older brother, Samuel, a mover and shaker in New York’s art world. Caught between his brother’s obsession with saving a priceless relic looted from Iraq’s National Museum and a deadly game of revenge staged by his childhood friend, John must solve a puzzle to find the link between a modern-day witch and an ancient one.

Aided by Tomas, an archaeologist, and Ari, an Iraqi photojournalist—two men with their own secrets to hide—John races against time to unearth the dark history behind the old science of alchemy: Is the notion of turning lead into gold possible after all?

Against his will John is taken back to Iraq. Awaiting him is a fabulous underground treasure trove and the truth behind a famous story the world believes is only a myth. – Publishers Website

I have to admit, I really loved the suspense, the adventure, and the narrative in this book ! I literally devoured it in one sitting, one night, I could not put this book down for a moment ! This happens to be book 1 of a three book series.  I just realized that and it answers so many questions I had about the book, so I won’t bore you with them, because they will probably show up in book 2 or three of the series.  It had nagged me for a long time, now I can let it go and see if it appears in the next book, which I cannot wait to read and devour maybe just as fast as I did this one.  D.J. sends you on a thrill ride you won’t soon forget.  This book has been compared to some of Dan Brown’s work, but I wouldn’t believe it for a second.  It is much better !

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