#53 – Up Up Up – Julie Booker

A radiant debut collection from Canada’s freshest new voice in fiction.

Up Up Up heralds the arrival of a writer of astonishing range, compassion and acuity. In this taut collection of twenty short, sharp stories Julie Booker grabs the reins from writers like Lydia Millet and Miranda July and takes off at full speed, and in directions all her own.

A pair of plus-sized friends make tracks for a kayaking trip in Alaska. A woman vacations with her parents at a Texas trailer park, wondering why she can’t meet a man. A worldly member of a tour group selects sacrifices from among the most cherished belongings of her fellow travellers. A young man dreams of rescuing an abusive friend’s girlfriend — and of having her for himself. Through these deceptively simple storylines, Booker reminds us of the power of words to enlighten and move us — but most of all, to delight us. Her writing is a revelation — wildly whimsical and yet razor-sharp, highly unusual and yet prompting gasps of recognition on every page. Reader, prepare to meet your new favourite writer. – Publishers Website

I really loved this book of short stories.  Julie’s fiction is one of those rare things.  Although short in stature, they contain large immeasurable acts of life.  Sure, they all may be mundane to some, she weaves the stories effortlessly, entangling you into the plot, until she is ready to let you go.  They leave you thinking what would I have done in such a situation? Would I have done exactly that? Would I have done something differently?  Other than that she also gives you some laugh out loud moments especially in the first of the stories  Geology in Motion where two women who are overweight travel to Alaska for a once in a lifetime trip with 2 girlfriends.  From the odd and somewhat quirky owner of the B and B they stay in, to the trip in kayaks to view glaciers up close…she evokes this comedic trip between 2 women who are attempting to do something different, life changing, at least in their own lives.  IF you are in the mood for some short fiction, go and get this one.  Like I stated earlier, it is good.  I cannot wait to see some of her longer fiction, she had promised me on twitter that if I wanted to read it she would write it.   Julie, this is your challenge if you choose to accept …

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