#55 – My Dear I Wanted To Tell You – Louisa Young

From the day in 1907 that eleven-year-old Riley Purefoy meets Nadine Waveney, he takes in the difference between their two families — his, working class; hers, posh and artistic — and vows to make himself worthy of the lovely Nadine’s affections.

Nadine’s mother has other ideas for her daughter. Though she tolerates Riley as a young boy, nearly a decade later she attempts to stop the budding romance between the two teenagers. Angry and humiliated, Riley enlists at the nearest recruiting station, and reports for training the very next day.

While Riley and his commanding officer, Peter Locke, fight for their country and their survival in the trenches of Flanders, their loved ones await their return. Peter’s wife, Julia, undertakes a daily ritual to prepare for her beloved husband’s homecoming. Peter’s cousin Rose, with all hope of marriage marching off to war, becomes a nurse at the nearby Queen’s Hospital.

Nadine and Riley’s bond is tested by a terrible injury, and even more so by the ambitious yet imperfect rehabilitation that follows.

Moving between Ypres, London and Paris, My Dear I Wanted to Tell You is a stunning First World War epic of love, war and sacrifice. – Publishers Website

This book had me thinking throughout all of it to myself, What would I have done in this instance?  The love between two people is a strong bond that at least I think should be one that is unbreakable in a situation such as this where the two have grown up with each other, one not knowing how the other feels; at least until they are older and have the courage to tell one another and find out it is mutual.  Such a wonderful surprise!

As the story weaves itself through London, Paris, and Flanders during WWI, it nearly brought me to tears how this man who has loved this woman since they have been children give his one and only thing that he loved and adored up, because of a horrific injury while fighting in the trenches.  Does he change his mind?  Does she give up ? Does their long love survive the trials and tribulations of the time period? Well, I know since I have read the book, but if you really want to know, then pick up a copy and start, you will thank me in the end.  My goodness, go and check out her website to see who she is related to and famous people around her…a literal cornucopia of literary and other famous people, places and things !

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