Welcome To The NEW Serendipitous Readings ! ! !

Welcome Back !! I took a bit of time off to get some things in order – mainly some personal stuff that includes me and my son.  So, while that is underway, and probably will for a while, in the mean time I have more news…

So, I will have some great giveaways to entice you back – I have about 20 books waiting in my living room to send to you,  if you’re chosen a winner, there are more waiting in the wings from different offices here in Canada and the US, so, keep your eyes and ears glued to here and twitter!

Nearly forgot – It is also my 3rd anniversary, going into our fourth as having a book blog, sharing my love of reading and books of all different types.

One last thing, I came across  another blog which is hosted on Blogger with the same name .  It was started a few months ago.  They have stolen the name of my blog most likely to fool people in believing that they are me, or impersonating me; which is not correct.   I didn’t think you would fall for it anyways!

I would really appreciate the owner of the blog to delete the entire blog because I have secured the domain name for myself as well as the name.  I am not able to contact the person to ask politely because – their profile doesn’t have much information,or even a way of being contacted, which I am assuming that they did this on purpose who also believe that STEALING someone elses’ blog name that they have had for nearly four years doesn’t mean anything and they can do as they please on the internet.

So, with that out-of-the-way, let’s have some fun and celebrate reading and our love of it !!

I have to Thank all of my contacts, friends, and followers for supporting me and the love of reading that I share with you all.  A special Thank You to my friend  Ben, and of course Jay, who helped me on this quest to make the blog better than ever.



2 thoughts on “Welcome To The NEW Serendipitous Readings ! ! !

    • I just dislike people attempting to ride on my coattails…I have spent a lot of hours making this, sure, someone may feel good about something like this happening, but I don’t. I wanted the name and of course the blog to stand out, not for it to be copied in copious amounts. At the very least they could have asked me first.

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