#67 – The Disciple of Las Vegas – Ian Hamilton

The second novel in the Ava Lee series launched under Anansi’s new crime fiction imprint, Spiderline

In The Disciple of Las Vegas, Uncle and Ava are hired by Tommy Ordonez, the richest man in the Philippines, to recover $50 million in a land swindle that took place in Canada and involves his brother. The Filipino billionaire’s reputation is on the line, and his family is on the brink of disaster.

Ava tracks the missing funds from Canada to San Francisco to accounts in Costa Rica owned by the Moneida, a First Nations band that owns and operates The River, an online poker web site. Ava uncovers an illegal online gambling ring, and follows the trail to Las Vegas. There, she confronts one of the greatest poker players in the world, David “The Disciple” Douglas, and his partner, Jeremy Ashton. Meanwhile, Jackie Leung, an old target of Uncle’s and Ava’s, has made it rich. He wants revenge, and he’s going after Ava to get it.

Will Ava save Ordonez’s family and reputation? Or will Jackie Leung get to her first?- Publishers Website

If you haven’t already read the first book in this thriller of all thrillers, I want you to go and get the first book like NOW !  Ava is back and with a vengenace.  Her Uncle has her on yet another case of embezzlement that goes from Canada to Moneida, Costa Rica, to Las Vegas where she not only finds what she is looking for, but has some unfinished business as well.  Will she be found from a previous case?  Will that person exact his revenge on her?  In book two, you will not only find that, but some back history that Ian seemlessly intregrates into this lush story of the criminal underworld, the shady dealings, money, prestige, revenge and Ava encountering something she hasn’t gotten in a long time.  Here is my previous review of The Water Rat of Wanchai, the first installment of Ava Lee.  The third book is titled The Wild Beasts of Wuhan and fingers crossed will be available in February 2012 !

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