@Chris7Roberts, Do you kiss your mother with this filthy mouth?!?

Well kids, it seems I have a “NEW” fan on twitter; it seems as though he has such a professional demeanor too !! Let’s see shall we?!?

Disclaimer – This is taken from my personal twitter account, verbatim. Kids you may want to close your eyes for this one…

My new fan is located here…although, I don’t recommend you talking to him, as he may abuse you as well. I guess it is because he is too upset because of dwindling sales on amazon, either that or no-one will check his what is it – short stories. Who knows. I for one will not accept any sort of this behaviour from any one, and I suggest you stay away from him.  Yet, another disgruntled author.

First of all he will spam you a link with some sort of witty blurb from an author who supposedly reviewed his short story:


Once I politely declined:



I find this when I logged in earlier:


Quite appalled, I wrote back…I do not accept abuse or disrespect from people who talk to me like this in any way.





Then he replies back to me –




and this last one:





Like really?!?  Mr. Chris7Roberts, do you really think that you will get people to read and review your short story when you use language like this, be disrespectful AND spam people ?!?

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t even use your story to wipe something because your mouth is already so filthy.  Did the Doctor ( I am using the term loosely in this case) drop you on the floor when you were born?!?  As I go through your twitter page, all I seem to see is vile and disgusting language oh, yeah and SPAMMING.  You don’t follow anyone. Hmm, is it because you are better than everyone else?!?

Trust me people, I wasn’t going to do anything.  This really is inappropriate, abusive, and disgusting.  It’s ok, I blocked and reported him for spam, too bad I cannot report him for anything else.  Seems to me that this gentleman ( again loose terminology) will be gone from twitter in a short amount of time.  He doesn’t even seem to have a website, yet he spamming an amazon link. Possibly he hasn’t sold enough books yet to be able to afford one.  Or he doesn’t even have the intelligence to create one, or pay for one to be made for him.  Maybe he was going to do it but the web creator has some of the abuse he pushes around like it is literary and he quit on him as well.  I am only speculating here, but I am sure it is the case.

This is yet another example of Authors going ballistic on twitter.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had it happen to me before, and I am to expect it.  This is far beyond anything I have ever seen in my career of blogging about books EVER.

I’m sorry Mr. (loose terminology) Chris7Roberts, You are the Weakest Link…GOODBYE!



2 thoughts on “@Chris7Roberts, Do you kiss your mother with this filthy mouth?!?

    • Unfortunately, he is as real as I am here typing this right now. Someone who hasn’t been raised to respect or to criticize and abuse the person he is speaking with

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