#2 – Grace Williams Says it Loud – Emma Henderson

This isn’t an ordinary love story. But then Grace isn’t an ordinary girl.

‘Disgusting,’ said the nurse.

And when no more could be done, they put her away, aged eleven.

On her first day at the Briar Mental Institute, Grace meets Daniel. He sees a different Grace: someone to share secrets and canoodle with, someone to fight for. Debonair Daniel, who can type with his feet, fills Grace’s head with tales from Paris and the world beyond.

This is Grace’s story: her life, its betrayals and triumphs, disappointment and loss, the taste of freedom; roses, music and tiny scraps of paper. Most of all, it is about the love of a lifetime. – Publishers Website

Last year, I know, I know I have been dealing with stuff that is very important to me in my personal life, so this is yet another late review, but one that is absolutely lovely, lovely, lovely.

I loved Grace and her absolute grace throughout the book.  The author had used her late sisters voice for the voice of Grace.  It came through with love, acceptance, and most of all the ingenuity of people who suffer from physical and mental disabilities.  I think I actually hugged it after I read it, it was so good.  Grace lives in a home for disabled people.  The staff, and residents of this home couldn’t be more imaginative, or real for you to read, laugh, and cry when things go awry.  The innocence of Grace is breath-taking, a welcome part of the world that has been forgotten in this time and age.

I didn’t have the book, so I had to order it from overseas, which took a bit of time to arrive, but love it even more because of the tenderness of Grace, the things she does to help her friends in the home.  Wouldn’t we all need a bit of unconditional love from Grace.

Grace Williams is another book nominated for last year’s Orange Prize.

Goodreads – Tumblr – Writers Hub(excerpt)


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