Kobo – Have you had problems in the last few weeks, I know I have…

This post isn’t meant to bash them, but really Kobo? You are really frustrating me !

Friday afternoon, I thought that I would treat myself and buy an eBook.  I had a gift-certificate that was languishing in front of me, and thought why not get an eBook.  This coming from the self proclaimed Book Addict.

I go on over to Kobo, select the one that I wanted, go to checkout.  Enter all of my information, enter the promo ( yeah, they had a promo code for 20% off, EVEN BETTER right?!?) Saving and fueling my addiction even further…

It wouldn’t let me check out….the gift-card covered the price of the book, but wouldn’t for the life of me whatever I attempted wouldn’t let me, even though it had said that entering a credit card or PayPal details weren’t needed.  The big red box even said so, so why wasn’t it letting me buy a book?!?

So, I decided to sign out, clean my cookies out, and reboot my computer.

Let’s try this again, this time it worked as it should seamlessly, checked out with success and downloaded the book I purchased.  At last, A happy book addict getting her fix.

Then Sunday morning, while surfing once again, decided to use the rest of the gift card that was burning a hole in the ole’ pocket so to speak.  I go back to Kobo to buy yet another book, finish off the gift card, add the rest to my PayPal account which was about $2.00 not a big deal right?

Think AGAIN…

Logged in once again, select the book, this time I went to add my gift card details, it was accepted, then go to log into PayPal, an error occurred.  So, I closed my browser, cleaned everything out of it.  I log back in, make the purchase.  Going good so far right…I noticed my email and not one but 2 receipts from PayPal saying that my payment(s) to Kobo had been successful and here are my receipts – one was for $13.14 and the other was for $14.68.

What in the world it was only supposed to be for $2.00 not the above amounts !!  I logged back into my Kobo account, and check my purchase history, the book I just purchased wasn’t even there !!

At this time, I was just so upset.  I checked my gift card balance, and yep they took the money, and yet, I don’t have the book I bought.  I emailed Kobo right away with all the details even taking screenshots of my history.  No receipts from Kobo – they send you one automatically, or at least they should like they have done in the past.

A few hours later, it was really bugging me.  I have heard of other incidents happening when the new Kobo Vox was being introduced and chalked it up to customer demand.  So then I decided to call and see what was going on.  The Representative told me they have had this problem last weekend and that he would get it sorted by sending it to Tier 2 support, he re-assured me that it would be taken care of asap.  He was quite nice, and I felt relieved that I would hear back from someone right away. I did actually go into my Pay Pal account around this time as well to dispute the charges as well.

Today, I checked my bank account – yep, the money for both charges have been taken out, and I still haven’t heard back from kobo.  I called them back to see what was going on.  The nice woman who assisted me told me that they have had this same problem for a few weeks, I went really, she said yes, it happened about 2 weeks ago she said.  All I could think of was that there are probably some angry customers that want satisfaction who have been affected, me among them.

Yes, I can get quite peeved when stuff like this happens, and for good reason.  I had trusted them with my information and account information, but yet, I haven’t heard back from them about my situation.  When it comes to money, I don’t have a lot of it (many don’t nowadays) and when I decide to buy something, especially when it is online, I don’t just go to the first place that offers the item I am looking for.  I do my research, to find the best possible deal for what I am willing to pay for, as well as other stuff.

This situation has just completely let me down in terms of online shopping.  I mean if a certain company is having issues when it comes to what they offer in terms of payments, shouldn’t they alert people if they are experiencing difficulties? Even if it is a small issue?  I would think they should.  But obviously in this case they didn’t.  I am upset at that.  I believe and many of you may disagree, but they should have something on their website that says – “We are experiencing difficulties, please be patient as we are working on them to better serve you”  Just so that people are made aware, so that they can make an informed  decision to make that purchase or not.  This didn’t happen here.

When I initially contacted Kobo with this issue, I had told them that in no uncertain terms would I accept anything less than a full refund plus any fees that my bank charges me ( they ended up charging me NSF fees) because I only placed the exact amount in that account for the rest that I owed to go through PayPal.  So now I am out about $100 for those fees plus the $27.82 that they over charged me in the first place.

Do you think that I am over asking for something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place? I don’t think I am.

Companies today at least from what I have experienced don’t care about the customer service anymore.  If I had this similar situation happen say 10 years ago, it wouldn’t have been a question if the company cared, they would have gone and done the right thing.  Now it seems as though they just want you the customer to buy what they have and after that it’s thanks for your money, but we can’t help you with anything else, so you are out of luck.  I don’t think it is right for any company to think they can get away with any sort of this sort of attitude.

When I was spoke to the Rep tonight I said do you think this is right, she replied absolutely not. I bought from Kobo thinking that since it is still a Canadian Company, it would hold the same values that I have…I will have to re-think that from now on.  I don’t believe that I will be making any further purchases from them ever, or at least from the time being until I hear back from their Tier 2 Customer Support or anyone from the company that is to my satisfaction.

Has something like this happened to you recently with Kobo?  I would love to hear of anyone else this has happened to.  Will you go back to using their service?

I believe that Kobo should also streamline their checkout as well, but letting you add more then one book to your cart, instead of having to purchase one book at a time.  Maybe it is because it is a company that sells just eBooks, but it takes twice the time to purchase what you want.  I just hope that they call me tomorrow, otherwise I’m really going to have a few choice words for them !


30 thoughts on “Kobo – Have you had problems in the last few weeks, I know I have…

  1. Yup. Had my very first experience with kobobooks.com yesterday. Now considering returning my Kobo reader.

    Bought a giftcard to get started. Kobobooks has my money (paid via paypal, confirmed payment has gone through), yet i havent received the giftcard, nor is it showing in egifts history on my account. Sent in a help ticket. Even though the people on Kobo twitter said someone will be getting in contact with me im still waiting. So since they dont seem to be interested in helping me, will be escalating to a dispute with paypal. As i am in Australia, i am unable to call their helpline and give them a piece of my mind.

    Seems they are happy to take money but not deliver a product.

  2. I had a very frustrating moment with Kobo, and thought I would share my story. My Sony ereader sadly crashed last night, so I decided to try out the Kobo app for my playbook. I was looking through the free ebook list, but then I found a book listed for $1.99. I purchased the book and everything was going fine… Until I got to chapter 4 and the Kobo app prompted me to purchase the “full version.” I was never informed that I was purchasing a preview, and when I searched the website to find the “full” version, I couldn’t even find it! Kobo took my money for an incomplete product! I know it’s a small amount of money, but it’s the principle that bothers me. I’m waiting for a follow up from customer service

  3. I tried to order my first ebook from Kobo on September 7th, but the order didn’t go through. I just checked my CC statement, however, and it turns out that the payment did go through. I take it from this experience that Kobo is good at taking my money, but not very good at delivering the product for which they took my money. There are some places in the world where this act is known as stealing.
    When I called Kobo, I was asked to send in my CC statement, but Kobo has a record of receiving my money because they already took my money. They took my money and won’t give me the book. The very least Kobo could do is to take the time to check their sales records, but Kobo can’t even be bothered to do that. I order regularly from Google Play and iTunes, and I anticipated that ordering from Kobo would be just as simple as ordering from the others, but I was wrong.
    I guess some lessons are worth paying for. What did I learn from Kobo? For the price of a single book, I learned how to remove my Kobo app and close my Kobo account. It’s not like there was a book there anyway.

  4. I bought an ebook from Kobo. I use a Kindle. So I have tried to return it. (I am assuming I received it as I cannot open it . I tried all the help I could find then conntacted Kobo. They send complicated answers. OK I may be ‘ stoopid’ but not that silly. I can deal with Amazon who impress me with their efficency. (the book choice is better at Kobo) Actually IF the book can be loaded on a Kindle I would be delighted Any hints ?
    Regards Lesley

  5. I have been trying to purchase a couple of books for the last week or more. At check out all required details is provided and confirmed button pushed .. which results in a message saying ” sorry a problem has been encountered please try again later” . That has been going on for over a week. Contact via Kobo message system suggested rebooting etc and when that didn’t work they seemed to just give up on the problem; even when I suggested that the most obvious solution for me was to use another supplier. After reading the above comments it seems unbelievable .. almost as they dont want the business. Now I am sure I will move by business elsewhere. Thanks all for your info regarding this outfit.

  6. I have had a similar incident with ordering a book from Kobo. I ordered a book on Nov 16 and when I submitted the order the site had a error message “Sorry a problem has occured, etc” so I restarted the app and tried again – got the same error message. I waited about 20 minutes and ordered a different book – it worked fine. I checked my credit card statement and I was charged twice for the book that I TRIED to order! When I contacted Kobo I was told they had no record of this; I sent them a screenshot of the statement. Then I had to explain why I was emailing from a different email which I tried to explain (unsuccessfully it seems!) Then this morning I get another email from them telling me that I have to contact the credit card company to stop the charges because the pic I sent was of the temp charges!! Obviously it’s been 10 days and the charges have gone through!! I am so frustrated with the Kobo Support team at this point that I am considering cancelling my account! And I really enjoy the app itself. It would be interesting to find out how many other people out there have been charged for books they did not receive and exactly where all that money is going?? I am not impressed! Sorry all, I needed people to hear my story.

    • Elaine, I have forwarded your details to kobo for a resolution. I am so sorry this has happened to you and everyone that has commented. I had hoped this was an isolated incident, but looking through online articles, as well as their own twitter feed, none of the problems I have addressed with them have been resolved at all. They keep coming up again and again.

      I am sorry to say that I will not be forwarding any more incidents to kobo, as I have heard of other things they are doing to their website that makes me think that they 1, Don’t care about their customers and keeping them informed as a company should to changes to their website/ practices. 2. That they are just out for the money so to speak. Their representatives I have found are either unhelpful and just there to collect a paycheck, and they obviously don’t have the necessary tools required for them to do a half decent job to begin with.

      I have gone to my contact at kobo many, many times – forwarding your details so that you may have your complaint resolved. I have had it with a company up until recently that had been Canadian who continuously doesn’t listen to their customers about improvements, issues, etc. I will not support them in any way.

      I am sorry to hand you to the wolves, but if they don’t listen to me as a blogger and a potential avenue to their company, then why should I?

      I appreciate you all making comments that make me feel that I haven’t been the only one, but as it stands now, I don’t believe that they will be in business for much longer if they keep fumbling things like they have been not only in the past but the present. Word spreads, and if it is bad business, they will eventually fail. If it isn’t their website, then it will be their machines (which has already happened too many times to count) or people they hire to do customer service (which happens on a constant basis already)

      I am so frustrated that I will no longer forward information to them via this thread, my apologies to you all that are having issues with them and their products, and or book downloads.

      Marci 🙂

      • Thanks for trying Marcie. I haven’t heard from Kobo since my original post, no big surprise there! I did check the Better Business Bureau site and it appears that going through them may be the only option. Wish me luck!

      • I will email again for you Elaine. It is absolutely ridiculous that they can get away with this or their attitude. Go on Twitter and tweet them @kobo. Make sure you have an incident number ready if out don’t, go to their site and get one

  7. I have had so many problems with Kobo over the last month or so I am contemplating chucking it and going to another brand. The e-mails to attempt to resolve problems just keep going back and forth. I do not recall ever having had an electronic device that seems to be so poorly implemented.

    • You aren’t the only one Steve. I have had over 1000 hits to this post alone since I posted it, and I’m assuming too much, but I have said it to my contact there many, many times that they need to fix their website and have yet to do it, and that was over a year ago, so I don’t anticipate it happening in the near future. I’m not using them anymore just because of their lack of customer service and lack of initiative to be doing anything about it. How many times do you have to raise the same issues over and over again to be able to affect change?!? Once or twice should be enough.

  8. I have had no luck dealing with Kobo. I purchased a Kobo gift card as a gift for my mother in law as a Christmas gift. We have tried to purchase and download a book with this gift card on several occasions now , and we still DO NOT HAVE A DOWNLOADED BOOK . After choosing a book and entering all the required information we Get a message in a big red box (sorry we have encountered a problem with your information please try again later). I have spent a total of 8 + hours on the phone and several e mails and have been told that the situation was being escalated to a stage 2 tech person and they would be in contact……. Well I have as of yet not spoken with a stage 2 tech person! Today I called once again and asked to please be put through to the stage 2 person. I was asked to go over the problem once again with this contact…. And low and behold she told me that she would put a request in for a stage 2tech person to contact me! WHAT!!!! I don’t believe they have such a person. At this point I would discourage anyone from dealing with Kobo ! They got my money for the gift card and in return I got nothing but frustration…… Thanks Kobo

  9. Yep!! This is exactly what I thought…..I requested a refund in December 2012 for a book that I downloaded, but never appeared on my device. It is now February 2013, and nothing. I called again and he said he was sending it to Tier II for a refund within 3-5 business days. We will see what happens! I’m not going to hold my breath!!

    • Susan, I have forwarded your comments to my contact at Kobo. Hopefully, you will actually have someone that has at least half of a brain (or knows how to use theirs) to be able to help you.

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  11. More tales of kobo woe available (I redacted your site, sorry) Remember, Google is your best friend!

    You are not alone, especially with tier 2 non existence.

  12. I used my kobo gift card,bought myself One Book browsed a bit more went to buy another book just to have them tell me my card has no more funds! With ? Its a 50$ gift card spent only 10.99$ so where is the rest of my money gone to?

  13. i ordered Mind and Soul by Audrey Carlan they have been posted to my credit card but i have not received the books . it was posted to my account on 02/04. would like to know why i havent received them. thank you

    • I have no idea why. You can contact them on twitter. The contact I had is no longer there. I would also try their website and or try to download it from your account. You have to log in and go to your download page to do that. I’m sorry that I can’t help you any further.

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