Update on the Kobo Fiasco…

Well folks, my post paid off and then some.  After a very stressful day talking with the head of Executive Services, I was reimbursed fully, given a $50 credit towards anything on their website, including NSF fees that occurred as a result of their programming going into my PayPal account not once, but twice with two different amounts over a seven minute period, even though it was covered through gift cards with only a small amount supposed to be taken out.

Am I happy? Yes and No.  During the day I was communicating with this gentleman, I was taking away from others that were needing assistance talking on the phone with this person.  I understand other people are experiencing issues as well.  Maybe not as serious as mine was, but nonetheless, they had issues with them as well that needed to be resolved.

I know personally of people who weren’t taken care of the way they should have been the first time they had contacted Kobo, and I rightly him on that and other issues.  As far as I know, he has been in contact with one of those people who I had identified.  I will keep bugging the “Executive Team” if they aren’t taken care of in a way I expect them to be.  I don’t not take lightly any sort of complaint whether it is serious or minor.  They should be treated fairly and with respect.  I will hold them to that and much more.

The reporter that I had contacted from the Toronto Star contacted me right away as well as soon as she received the message.  I will certainly get in touch with her to let her know what happened, and how I will personally hold the care team on twitter accountable for poor customer service.  I have been treated poorly by many companies in person and online.  I have to say that Kobo did do what they said they would do, for me.  I can’t guarantee it will be the same for you that is reading this.

I do have a few tips for you though:

  • First, if you bouught an eBook through them, you should receive a receipt in your email that lists the title of the book, how much you paid, how you paid it, the time you paid for it, etc.  Keep This!! KEEP EVERYTHING !!!
  • Second, if you are paying through PayPal, keep that receipt.  If you are charged more than once, or for a wrong amount, keep those receipts !!! If something is wrong with any of those PayPal receipts, REQUEST A DISPUTE to the charges right away.  If it does happen to be their error, they will reimburse you, at least I would hope they would.
  • Third, when contacting Kobo through their Twitter account, Facebook, or through their help on their website, be patient.  Make sure you have your incident number.  When someone emails you, keep track of it, respond accordingly.  If you talk with them on the telephone, make sure you write what the representative(s) has said to you, it doesn’t have to be word for word, but you get my point.  If anything sounds fishy, then question it.
  • Fourth, be patient.  They are dealing with people with many issues, they are not only in the US and Canada, they service a large part of the world.  So, if they don’t get back to you right away, try again tomorrow.  But most importantly, don’t back down for any reason.  If something is wrong, and you need help, ASK THEM FOR HELP BUT DON’T BE RUDE.  How would you feel if you were treated rudely?
  • Fifth – Take a deep Breath ! Explain the situation as clearly as you can, back it up with the information you have – receipts, emails, the more the better.

Really, these are just common sense tips that everyone should know by now when dealing with people, sometimes we just need to be reminded from time to time.  No biggie right?  Sometimes we get upset and we forget how we like to be treated.  At least I do.  And if that doesn’t work, THEN get in touch with me…Ill set them straight ! 😉

Oh, and D…I’m holding you to that other thing we had discussed during those telephone conversations we had today.  Not everything was settled if you know what I mean…


4 thoughts on “Update on the Kobo Fiasco…

  1. I’m glad that Kobo fixed your issue. I’ve had problems with them in the past as well. When I purchased my Vox, I turned it on and quickly learning that it had been previously used. My sealed box had a used Vox that included someone else’s information, including credit card. I’ve also watched their mentions, and realized that I’m not the only one who has had this issue. They made it seem like they were doing me a big favor by replacing my device, and nothing else was offered.

    • I think they only responded was because it was because they basically committed fraud on my paypal account. When I told him that the Rep(s) on the phone ( I called twice) both told me that they have had issues he came right out and called them liars (told me that they were lying). We talked of other stuff too, but I highly doubt that he will make good on what he said on other things….I heard of other stuff too, from other bloggers, and have said that if they aren’t taken care of like I was I will blow a lid in no uncertain terms. Because really, if they don’t I still have that contact information from that very popular reporter of the Toronto Star that I contacted and she was QUITE willing to talk to me.

      So, I’m just waiting for the next problem to arise, but I’m not going to make it easy for them.

      • I haven’t returned by first Vox because I’m afraid that they will not restore it properly and have someone else have access to my information. Just this week, I saw another user complaining about my same problem. She bought a new Vox, and it had someone else’s credit card information saved on the device. I do not feel safe, sending back the first Vox. If they are not restoring their devices properly, and selling them as NEW that is not acceptable.

        I purchase from them weekly, I love my VOX but they have some technical stuff the work out.

      • Yep, when I called the 2 times…Both told me they were having issues with either paypal or just their system because they both told me that it has happened in the last 2-3 weeks and it has been an ongoing issue.

        Really the only thing I got out of it was the $50 credit…The other stuff was just to cover the chargers their system caused my bank account to basically blow up.

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