#9 – The Inquisitor – Mark Allen Smith

A spectacularly original thriller about a professional torturer who has a strict code, a mysterious past, and a dangerous conviction that he can save the life of an innocent child

Geiger has a gift: he knows a lie the instant he hears it. And in his business—called “information retrieval” by its practitioners—that gift is invaluable, because truth is the hottest thing on the market.

Geiger’s clients count on him to extract the truth from even the most reluctant subjects. Unlike most of his competitors, Geiger rarely sheds blood, but he does use a variety of techniques—some physical, many psychological—to push his subjects to a point where pain takes a backseat to fear. Because only then will they finally stop lying.

One of Geiger’s rules is that he never works with children. So when his partner, former journalist Harry Boddicker, unwittingly brings in a client who demands that Geiger interrogate a twelve-year-old boy, Geiger responds instinctively. He rescues the boy from his captor, removes him to the safety of his New York City loft, and promises to protect him from further harm. But if Geiger and Harry cannot quickly discover why the client is so desperate to learn the boy’s secret, they themselves will become the victims of an utterly ruthless adversary.

Mesmerizing and heart-in-your-throat compelling, The Inquisitor is a completely unique thriller that introduces both an unforgettable protagonist and a major new talent in Mark Allen Smith. – Publishers Website

When I received this book, I was really excited when I opened the envelope and read the back immediately.  A lump had formed in my throat when I did read the back.  It nearly had sounded like a very similar book I had read before, almost too mush the same.

As I opened the pages and started reading, I soon found out, it was nothing like the earlier book I had read.  Completely different.  I was so relieved, and dug into it as fast as I could read, and found it to be a really great read.  I believe it had taken me a day or 2 to read it from start to finish, the plot and characters were interesting, the premise intriguing, and hopefully, we will have another book soon, because I want to know what happens to Geiger.  Does he come back to exact revenge, or goes back to doing what he has been – exacting the truth from people.

On the back of the galley I received, it states that it was to be released sometime in January, but when I went to their website, it stated sometime in April.  So, I contacted the person who sent it to me because I wanted to double-check if there was an embargo on the book and not to publish my review too early, but since there wasn’t here it is.  If you are a fan of the thriller/action/adventure genre I believe that you will like this book when it is released, so go out and get it.  It is also known as The Truth Hurts

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