#10 – The Wild Beasts of Wuhan – Ian Hamilton

The Third installment in the wildly popular Ava Lee series, The Wild Beast of Wuhan uncovers the secret world of art fraud.

In The Wild Beasts of Wuhan, Uncle and Ava are summoned by Wong Changxing, “The Emperor of Hubei” and one of the most powerful men in China, when he discovers that the Fauvist paintings he recently acquired are in fact forgeries.

Ava uncovers a ring of fraudulent art dealers and follows their twisted trail to the Netherlands, the Faeroe Islands, Dublin, London, and New York. But the job is further complicated by Wong’s second wife, the cunning and seductive May Ling, who threaten to interfere in Ava’s investigation.

Will Ava find the perpetrators and get the Wongs’ money back? Or will May Ling get to them first… – Publishers Website

Oh Ava, how I have missed you !! You are smart, sexy, agile in more ways than one, you always manage to get things done no matter the consequences, the difficulty hunting down the bad guys, making all right with the world until the next situation comes up.  Ian surely has hit his stride with the series and his main character Ava.  This time it is about forged art, and although she isn’t sure she can produce results, you hang on while reading to see what happens next.  When I received this book I believe I actually squealed (possibly even jumped up and down a bit, but shhh don’t let anyone  know ok?)

There is also something new in the book or in her world – Ava has a love interest, which changes it a bit, but it is a good change.  I’m not sure how this will affect future books, we will just have to wait and see.  AS a matter of fact, Ian has just signed a new contract with House of Anansi – Spiderline to a new deal which will have 3 new books in the mix after the Fall release of The Red Pole of Macau.  So, I am just as excited  and honoured to be allowed to read these before anyone else when it hits the stores.

So, if you haven’t already read my reviews of Ian’s earlier novels in this series they are Book 1 – The Water Rat of WanchaiBook 2 – The Disciple of Las Vegas and this one of course.  So, I cannot get enough of Ian’s series so far, what about you?I just wish that I could get all of the books at once and read them from start to finish ! Ian?!?  House of Anansi ?!? are you listening …hint hint ha!

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