#14 – How To Cook – Delicious Dishes Perfect For Teen Cooks – DK Publishing

A beautifully designed and practical introduction to creative cooking!

How to Cook gives teens the know-how and confidence to cook their own meals, whether for themselves or to impress friends and family. The 100 easy-to-follow recipes offer plenty of ideas to get them started. From Ginger-chicken stir-fry to scrumptious mini cheesecakes, there’s a great balance of healthy meals and treats from different countries around the world. Fascinating information on ingredients, origins, seasonality, healthy eating, and insights into food culture are spread throughout the text—so young adults are kept informed about what they’re eating, but in a light and fun way.

With this great selection of adaptable recipes, food facts, and fail-safe techniques, How to Cook will get teens creative in the kitchen, and enthusiastic about food for life. – Publishers Website

What a great book for beginning cooks! I love the setup inside of the recipes, the graphics, and some pretty swanky recipes if I do say so myself!  Gazpacho, Crepes, Samosas, Cannelloni, Puff Pastry even !!  I wish I had this book when I was a teenager !!   But all fun aside, this is a really great book to have your teens start out cooking and baking their way to becoming a pretty good cook by the time they are adults!

Everything is included, from Food Basics, Putting the Fun in to Food –  Tricks and Tips, Baking Techniques, Herbs and Spices – including 100 recipes to get them started, with really down to earth, understandable recipes, with simple instructions on how to add, sift, chop, dice and slice your way to impress even your parents!  Or even that new girl you have had a crush on forever that finally acknowledged you…hint, hint…

Now, my darling son Nick went through the book when we first received it and I thought he would want to make something hearty, since he loves anything to do with food.  When he was younger, we used to bake together and pretend we were French Chefs, and have a really corny French accent as we baked.  Well those days are g one for will forever be a memory that I will love and use as ammunition in the future.  No, I wouldn’t do that, but It makes me smile ear to ear at those times we had together.  He chose to make Ginger Cookies.  You can see the results below in the pictures we took last night.  So, if you are looking top get your kids even started on learning to cook for themselves, this is the book for you and your teenager to make new memories together !

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