#15 – This Book Made me Do It – DK Publishing

Brush up on your know-how by doing, making, and exploring just about everything!

Activities come in all shapes and sizes, and this book shows you an incredible variety of them, from panning for gold to doing the Moonwalk.

Ever wanted to fold origami, tie-dye a T-shirt, or slam-dunk a basketball like a pro?

Interested in creating a homemade bird feeder or a flashlight that runs on candy?

This Book Made Me Do It shows you how to do all of this and more! Perfect for budding artists, scientists, sports stars, and chefs, these step-by- step projects will provide hours of educational fun, whether you’re looking for a long-term hobby, or just a way to spend a rainy day. – Publishers Website

We received this book a few weeks ago, and ever since then myself and my son have poured through it looking at all the things that you can do.  Literally everything from A to Z.  That being said, Nick hasn’t been able to choose from one thing over the other, there are just so many things that he wants to do, but just couldn’t decide!

We went back and forth for the last 2 weeks, then finally last night I said to him…”c’mon just pick one thing” …

This is what he ended up doing….wait for it…

[grandbanner xml=this-book-made-me]

Don’t forget to take a look through the March Break Boutique for even more ideas and to find out more about the contest DK Canada are having !



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