I am finished with GIVEAWAYS ….

As you may or may not know, this afternoon, I was accosted on twitter from a person who wasn’t satisfied about a giveaway I recently posted on here.  She contacted DK CANADA, who then informed me via email about the problem she was having about the giveaway.

I posted expressly that any links coming from a freebie site are not counted and will be disqualified.  I originally had accepted the comment, then later in the evening I checked further and it did in fact come from a freebie site.  I went to that site and the link they had posted on their own blog and asked them to remove it.  All of the comments except for one came from that site as a referral.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a single mother raising a 13 almost 14 yr old son, and have been since he was 4 years old.  I like a giveaways just like the next person.  No, I don’t enter all that I come across, but when I do decide to enter one I make sure I read the rules and regulations first to make sure that I am eligible to enter.  Secondly, I enter what they would like me to whether it is name, address, etc.  or a comment on a blog posting a lot like this one.  I don’t keep checking back day after day, spending hours upon hours on that persons site checking to see who has posted what.  I go on my merry way.

This person who you can see for yourself when you check her twitter feed, her email address googled, and her blogger profile, it is nothing BUT giveaways, or of twitter accounts that she follows that feature giveaways.  But then suddenly you have a problem with me and the giveaway I am hosting for a long time professional acquaintance (nearly 4 years) attempting to get me to say or do something or to get me to cave and allow her to enter the giveaway that I have currently posted.  No, I will not.  Rules are there for a reason, there are many, many people who scour blogs, sites for freebies, contests and giveaways, because that is what they do – all day, everyday, day in and day out.

I understand that these people get something out of it.  Personally, I don’t.

Plus, I do not think it is fair to have multiple entries from the same IP Address ( it has happened in the past) or when a comment isn’t posted that I believe to have not followed the rules, I receive an email asking why isn’t my comment posted.  Or they do what this young woman did this afternoon and decided to attempt to rip off a strip off  me on twitter and DK Canada for over an hour.  Or, that I receive an email from a publisher, saying that this person is a frequenter of book giveaways ( this has also happened in the past).  I am not saying that every single person that enters a giveaway or multiple giveaways are doing it misleadingly, but to see the same names and email addresses for the same publisher  over and over again says something about that person.  I just make sure that EVERYONE HAS A FAIR CHANCE.

Now, if you feel that I have misplaced your comment, then by all means email me, use the contact form that is located here.  My EMAIL address for the blog is even listed there, send me a message.  I love hearing from the people who frequent my blog.  Ask me if I have read a book, or if you have just read one, recommend it to me, I am all ears.  Most often than not, I will reply back with an answer.

Twitter, really?!? Lisa?!?  Because of you and your incessant complaining about the current giveaway that I have on my blog, I WILL NOT BE HOSTING ANY MORE GIVEAWAYS BECAUSE OF YOU. 

You were rude, demanding, judgmental, and basically acted like a 4yr old having a temper tantrum like those little girls on toddlers and tiaras have.  I’m sorry,  I cannot for the life of me now put it in a better worded sentence.  I am that upset.  I was as professional as I could be given the situation, it would have certainly been different if you would have contacted me directly through the contact form and or the email address clearly listed.  I hope that all the other DK CANADA giveaways you have entered on THIS BLOG fair better than on my blog.  I say let the cards fall where they may.

In the nearly 4 years that I have blogged,  you are the first person ever to do what you did this afternoon.  I have professional relationships with every major publisher here in Canada and a few more around the world.  I have always treated all of my colleagues, and blogger friends with respect and a caring attitude.  If I have a question, or a concern I take it directly to that person, I don’t start a twitter fight just because I don’t know how  have a conversation that doesn’t include calling the other person names.  It isn’t right, you don’t even know me, just like I don’t know you.

But your personality this afternoon shot up the red flags as fast as they could go up around my head with the bells and whistles going off telling me to run as fast as I could away from you.  I hope that you don’t treat your husband or children that way.  My goodness, I was afraid even sitting here in Ontario !

You may think that I should get off my high horse, but Lisa dear, it is because of people like you that has put me there.  I have high morals and values and if you don’t agree then just move on.  Or if you don’t agree with how I run my blog, then walk away.   I run it the way I want to run it, according to my high morals and values.  I don’t think it is fair to have someone moan and complain because they weren’t entered because they clicked a link to my blog from a site that posts them all to make it easier for all of you con-testers and freebie addicts.  I want to give people the doubt, but it is people like you that have that devil on my shoulder whispering in my ear…..Oh, I don’t think she’s a good fit.

I do check ip addresses, I do check email addresses, I check the visitor activity on my blog, I check the link you came from to get here.  I do it because I want the giveaway TO BE FAIR FOR EVERYONE and not to GIVE ANYONE AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.  Because then if I didn’t then I would have to deal with people whining and bitching and complaining that you haven’t been entered in a giveaway for a book on dogs that cost $20 and a box of Poop Bags that cost $6.00 for 120 bags. Like this afternoon !

I have had this blog for nearly 4 years now.  I pay every month for this blog to even appear on the inter-webs.  I designed the blog as well as installed it all myself with very little help from anyone.  I spend on average of 2 hours doing each blog posting.  That is just entering everything into a blog post, that doesn’t include the hand-written notes, quotes and impressions  while I am reading a particular book,  doing research or making up questions for an  author interview.  I spend literally hours upon hours everyday on this blog to make it the best that I think it can be.  This is all besides actually reading the books.    I work very hard at it, and if you don’t appreciate it, then please go elsewhere.  I don’t want you here.

Like I stated before, please, there is more to life and far more important things in life than to be having a twitter fight because I didn’t accept your entry.  I have far more important things to occupy my time with then a disgruntled mommy whose entry wasn’t accepted because one of the rules were broken.

The site was this one where all of the referrals came from.  and this is the posting where they list all of their book giveaways.  I would recommend everyone who is a blogger to go and see if any of yours was posted, because they were the ONLY SITE that posted after I expressly posted that I will not accept referrals coming from any FREEBIE SITE PERIOD.

All of the other ones respected my requirements.  Most people that came from that site, didn’t even enter when they actually read the rules.  There were a few hilarious ones who didn’t, but, they weren’t accepted either.



3 thoughts on “I am finished with GIVEAWAYS ….

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  2. Sounds like someone needs to put their big girl panties on and get a grip on reality.

    Giveaways offered by bloggers are a perk, not a necessity. We are not responsible for what people understand or do not in the way of rules, and if you cross them you deserve to be penalized for it.

    I took note of her name. I hope she doesn’t bother with my blog, since she is now not welcome. I won’t have trouble makers on my blog causing trouble because they have menial existences. I will automatically delete her if I see her. That’s how I roll, and frankly doing this for free makes it my right!

    I suggest you do the same. Why penalize them all for one asshole?

    • Freda, I really don’t have the patience anymore for these people who think they can get away with doing things like this. I don’t deserve it, I put the giveaway on to be nice and this is what I get – Insulted, Abused, and Called out?!? on twitter for that matter ? Um, no I don’t think so.

      I was abused enough in my marriage I left Thank You very much, I don’t need anymore from people that I don’t even know for God’s sakes!

      You are right, she should get off her “HIGH HORSE” herself and get a life, instead of spending all day on her computer and iPad in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Changing her IP address every 5 minutes so that it doesn’t look like shes coming from the same place more than once.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like freebies like anyone else, but this went too far yesterday. Even the pages that people have for them on facebook are just ridiculous! Who needs 50 deodorants at once? Some say they do it to give back to charity or to the food banks, I say hey that’s great, but what about all those other people that are waiting too that are living paycheck to paycheck hoping to lighten their load just a little bit too?

      I just received the price list for the uniforms my son will have to wear at his new high school and now I’m wondering how I’m going to afford $600 for a year of uniforms and oxford shoes? That isn’t even much to be totally honest. Is this Lisa going to help me out? I highly doubt it.

      I did get quite upset yesterday, but does she or will she care – Hell No! She just wants her freebie and was damn mad that I didn’t let her get away with her attitude and hoity toity I deserve my freebie and I want it now rant.

      I have enough of that when I am out in the community, I don’t need it or want it from someone I don’t even know. Most that do or I have included in giveaways have been excited, not like this woman,. she is in a whole other ball game all together.

      You all have Lisa to thank for me not giving or doing giveaways any longer. Not that I have done a whole lot of them this year. I was planning to do way more, but Lisa Pissed me off yesterday, so you all have to suffer the consequences for her rant yesterday. Go thank her on twitter, or email her. I’m sure she would enjoy that ! 😀 😉

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