#19 & #20 – Double Post – DK Star Wars – The Secret Life of Drones and Star Wars – Year By Year – A Visual Chronicle – DK Books

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be C-3PO or what R2-D2’s function is?

Well now you can find out in Star Wars: The Secret Life of Droids from DK’s newest Star Wars series. Learn about the many types of droids from large and fearsome droidekas, to the smart and helpful astromech droids.

The Secret Life of Droids looks at the classic Star Wars galaxy from a fresh, new perspective, and features a timeline giving the reader a quick-reference overview of the events and information featured. Interactive and dynamic pages presenting events thematically rather than chronologically will allow young readers to uncover droid technology and discover each of its individual functions! – Publishers Website








From the first release of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977 to the 2009 second season of The Clone Wars, Star Wars Year By Year: A Visual Chronicle is an unparalleled chronological journey through the making of the most epic science fiction series ever! Featuring incredible illustrations and stills, the book chronologically details the history and development of the Star Wars movies; the events, press, and logistics surrounding the making of each movie; and exclusive interviews with people who worked behind the scenes. The year-by-year format includes images from the movies, TV series, comic books, video games, and novels as well as movie posters, memorabilia, book covers, and more. – Publishers Website

I cannot say enough about DK’s Books !! I love each and every one of them !!!  Since it is May 4th, and it is May the 4th Be With You, this is an extra special day for Star Wars and DK !!  I have many of their books, but the specific topics they publish about are I have to say the absolute best of any of the books out there !!  They add imagination, full colour photography, interesting ways of actually giving you the information so you are engaged and informed at that really boring office party or wherever you are, just to make that awkward situation just a little better.  And who doesn’t know about star wars right?!?

Everything you wanted to know about droids but where afraid to ask?  The secret life of droids is the book for you.  Has your child who is obviously old enough to have watched one or all the movies wondered this question, have no fear; all their questions and then some are incorporated into this small book for any age, young or old.

In the Year by Year compilation, if you are one of those “fans” that go to the conventions, have been a fan of the movies and or the Star Wars movement since the start, and don’t have this book, this is the time to get it!

Inside the cover is an envelope that has 2 high quality pictures that are special to the book.  It does have a thick cover to enclose the book so that you can display it with pride along all of your other Star Wars books, figurines, movie posters.  Yes, I know you do, just nod your head and agree, I know you want to!

The Year by Year book is something! It is the ultimate pop culture collection, from George Lucas’ initial career of a movie maker, to what inspired him to everything in between; this is the greatest Star Wars Lovers Paradise !!

And from today until May 6th, if you live in Canada and buy any of the DK Star Wars Books at any of the Chapters/Indigo/Coles family of stores, DK Canada will make a donation to the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation.  For more information, click on this link and get to buying some of the books you don’t have already in your collection!!  Or just joining in on the celebrations that are going on today throughout Canada !!!

Here is a sneak peek inside The Secret Life of Drones and Star Wars Year by Year – A Visual Chronicle to see what I am talking about !

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