An update of sorts…

Well, I received a phone call from my hand surgeon, it seems as though he has a cancellation for my hand surgery then the one originally expected.  I was scheduled for the 31st of July, and so it happens I’ll be having my surgery next Tuesday.  It’s nothing serious, but I am quite happy to be having it a bit sooner than later.

I’ll be scheduling posts from today, until the surgeon has given me the green light so to speak to get back to typing and all that fun stuff.  They will show up automatically, so you will hear about some amazing books!

Sorry for the lack of posting, between confirmation, graduation, and all of those other teenage pursuits I have been quite busy ! I have been reading up a storm, and as you can see from the stack of physical books I have gotten my reading groove back so to speak.  This doesn’t even count the electronic books that I have read on my reader!


There are a few Blog tours that I have to post before I have my surgery as well, so there will be other opinions that you may want to look at not just mine!

So stay tuned, I’ll try to make it on twitter or Facebook to let you all know how it is going…that is if you care !


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