World War II – The Events And Their Impact On Real People – R.G. Grant

“Visually stunning…readers young and old will gain understanding of their world today by perusing this engrossing history”. –VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)

Beginning with the complex political and social circumstances that led to World War II, this volume comprehensively discusses the decisions made, battles fought, lives affected, and subsequent results of the war that defined the twentieth century. It includes first-hand testimony of young soldiers who remember the front lines, as well as the wives, parents, and children left stateside.

Fifty million people lost their lives during the bloodiest and most extraordinary conflict of the twentieth century.  What was it like to experience – and survive – Such a remarkable time in history?

This incredible book combines spectacular images with dramatic eyewitness accounts by the people who were actually there: the courageous soldiers fighting on land, at sea, and in the air, and the civilians at home telling stories of fear, courage, and hope.- Publishers Website – Back Cover

I cannot fathom being in the middle of any sort of armed conflict – war, famine, the sound of guns and bombs overhead as people on the ground are running for their lives as the buildings around them are exploding.  From a quiet neighborhood to a downtown city street.  You don’t know when or where it will hit – hearing the air raid sirens going off and you are praying that it wont hit your neighborhood or anyone else’s for that matter.

War is a dirty, messy business.  For those who have lived through World War II, we have those stories now in this book with revealing footage in the attached DVD to bring you these stories.  There are also maps, charts, and timelines that provide instant information on the course of events.

Although this book is intended for children between the ages of 10 to 17, in my opinion, it is a valuable resource for all ages depending on their depth of interpretation, and of course whether parents think it is an appropriate subject to be talking about.

So on this remembrance day, please take a moment out of your day and thank the men and women that fought for our country to keep it safe, the many, many lives that were taken from our families and friends and give them thanks.

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