What did YOU read Today ?!?


FOR RELEASE November 15, 2012



Serendipitious Readings urges you to join us in supporting the National Reading Campaign and its ‘What did you read today?’ campaign. Be a part of this important initiative that has the potential to affect every aspect of Canadian society!

The National Reading Campaign, an unprecedented coalition of librarians, educators, booksellers, publishers, readers and writers, is launching its campaign to bring the joy of reading to Canadians.

“What did you read today?” is a public awareness campaign created to help make reading a national priority. Over the months to come, we’ll be asking that question to Canadians in advertising, through promotions and events, and especially via a dynamic website, where readers can drop in to talk, share and build our reading society.

On Wednesday, November 14th we’re launching “What did you read today?” with a pair of fun contests: one for the general public and one for kids. Both contests run until December 31, 2012 and are open to Canadian residents only.

Why is reading so important?
To be literate is necessary, but it is not enough. Reading is a source of pleasure at every stage of life, an imagination-building, personally fulfilling activity that enriches our lives and allows us to communicate, to understand each other, and to engage with our society. Reading is at the very heart of responsible citizenship as informed, reading helps active citizens think critically, participate actively in their communities and in their nation, and thrive throughout their lives.

Reading allows us to do better in all aspects of life: academically, professionally, and emotionally. It’s the foundation of future learning, encouraging the critical thinking skills of every individual.

However, new technologies and media choices, lifestyle changes, unprecedented competition for our leisure time and much more have changed Canadians’ reading habits, and not necessarily for the better.  Most disturbing of all, less children are reporting that they enjoy reading.  Curiosity, imagination, and all the other vital things that reading sparks—and our future needs—are at risk.

Reading grows Canada. But we have to grow reading.

  What is the National Reading Campaign?

Since 2008, the National Reading Campaign has brought together people from every region of Canada who are concerned about Canada’s changing reading habits. We represent school and public librarians, parents, readers, educators, writers, students, book and magazine publishers, booksellers, reading promoters, and everyone involved in reading in Canada. Through summits, the development of a National Reading Plan, a public awareness campaign and many other efforts, we aim to make reading a national priority, because when Canada reads, Canada grows.

Our ultimate goal is to promote reading amongst all Canadians, reflecting the value of reading as a tool for democracy and civic engagement, as a means to equalize the playing field for all Canadians, as a way for Canadians to learn about themselves, and as a vehicle for joy. In 2012, The National Reading Campaign was incorporated as a not-for profit organization.

Visit www.nationalreadingcampaign.ca to learn more.

About the contest for the general public

To enter the contest, we’re asking Canadians to tweet what they’re reading to @readingcampaign with #whatdidyoureadtoday? for a chance to win one of ten Kobo™ eReaders pre-loaded with a selection of great eBooks!

Entrants can share a title, author or even the type of reading material that they’re reading, like a magazine or graphic novel, because all reading matters.

As an added bonus, Kobo will donate $1 to the National Reading Campaign for every contest entry tweet that we receive up to $10,000 to help grow reading in Canada.

 About the contest for kids

Public libraries and schools can win $1000 in new books for their library! We’ve designed a simple “What did you read today?” contest kit that allows public librarians and teachers to create a vibrant wall or space where readers can post what they’re reading, promoting discussion about reading in its many forms.

ABOUT YOUR ORGANIZATION:  Serendipitous Readings has been online supporting reading and all things literary since 2008.  As a Canadian and a voracious reader, I have been in the reading scene even before it was hip and cool.


For more information, please contact – The National Reading Campgain – websiteTwitter – with hashtag #WhatDidYouReadToday – FacebookPinterest

 ~* Contest ends on DECEMBER 31, 2012, so get your entries in !!  *~


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