Up and Down – Terry Fallis

Up and DownThe author of the Stephen Leacock Medal-winning The Best Laid Plans brings his trademark humour and sharp storytelling to a new novel set in the high-stakes world of a global public relations agency.

On his first day at Turner King, David Stewart quickly realizes that the world of international PR (affectionately, perhaps ironically, known as “the dark side”) is a far cry from his previous job on Parliament Hill. For one, he missed the office memo on the all-black dress code; for another, there are enough acronyms and jargon to make his head spin. Before he even has time to find the washroom, David is assigned a major project: devise a campaign to revitalize North America’s interest in the space program – maybe even show NASA’s pollsters that watching a shuttle launch is more appealing than going out for lunch with friends.

The pressure is on, and before long, David finds himself suggesting the most out-of-this-world idea imaginable: a Citizen Astronaut lottery that would send one Canadian and one American to the International Space Station. Suddenly, David’s vaulted into an odyssey of his own, navigating the corporate politics of a big PR agency; wading through the murky but always hilarious waters of Canada-U.S. relations; and trying to hold on to his new job while still doing the right thing.

Equal parts clever and satirical, thoughtful and affecting, Up and Down is Terry Fallis at his best, confirming his status as a Canadian literary star. – Publishers Website

I have to say, Terry has hit his stride right out of the gate and produced his best book yet in my opinion!  I had a very hard time putting this book down, and when I did my darling cat Georgie kept it company in my wake.  Laugh out loud funny, entertaining, hard-hitting, and poignant all in the same swoop, not to mention some sneeky, sneeky stuff done by the US head of the advertising agency.  It is my favorite of all three books Terry has produced yet.  Modern Day takes on the Space Shuttle in a reality show, how can you top that ?!?  Just wait, someone in Hollywood will get a hold of this and make a movie about it.  Loved it ! Yes, that is a dare for all of those Hollywood Types out there !! 😉



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