Wylde on Health – Bryce Wylde

wylde on healthThe value of living healthily is indisputable, but what exactly can we do in our daily lives to be our healthiest self?  In his new book, Bryce Wylde sets out to answer that question. He sorts out the confusing terminology used to describe natural medicine and leads us through a process of discovery about our own real state of health by showing how state-of-the-art self-testing now permits us to properly assess where we’re vulnerable and where we’re not.

Whether you are worried about a vitamin deficiency or wonder if you’re lacking the “feel good” brain hormone serotonin — or even if you just want to ensure you’re not wasting your money on supplements — you’ll learn what simple steps to take to test yourself. Wylde surveys and individually rates an array of present-day natural remedies from a no-nonsense, evidence-based perspective.

He takes us on a guided tour of today’s hottest health trends, highlighting what is good and steering us away from what is dubious (or outright snake oil). Underlying Wylde’s ratings is the very latest research — and he makes it clear that in the face of the astronomical rise in disease and the ubiquity of nutrient-devoid foods, we have no choice but to supplement our diets with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants if we want to live to our fullest potential.

Finally, Wylde on Health explores how we will increasingly use the strategic supplementation he recommends to redress genetic predispositions — the future of preventative health care. – Publishers Website

This book should be in every person’s home – no matter if you are a traditional type person, who, is one of those by the book type people and trust your medical doctor’s advice, and, for those who are looking for something more – to compliment what advice you receive from your doctor – To receive a complete picture so to speak.

I would recommend that you talk with your caregiver with this book.  Some things may not be recommended for whatever reason, because some of these options could have interactions with any sort of traditional medical treatments.  But, as long as you have your caregiver in the know with what you are doing, I don’t see a problem.  I intend to incorporate some of the tips and recommendations, as well as doing some extra things that I am already doing, with my caregiver.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book is all the QR codes.  Not that I don’t think that anyone would not use them, some may not have access to a smart phone with a scanner to be able to use or use the codes to be effective.  I will be posting links below for you to use on your regular computer.  It is impeccably researched, and detailed throughout the book. I like that about these type of books, you can never have too much information which in my opinion is great.

Other than that, it is a fabulous book, filled with some amazing insight and information, once again to talk to your caregiver about.  I cannot stress this enough.  I have been in traditional healthcare, and know of medication reactions and alternative remedies, so please make sure the natural health choices won’t interfere with your current traditional medicine plan.  I know I will be referring to this book for many years to come, unless there is a newer version, then I will refer to that.

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