KOBO, KOBO, KOBO ….You are really discouraging a lot of people….including me!!!

Dobby banging head against the wall


It is a few days shy of a year that I had problems with Kobo.  I have to say, since posting my angst and finally getting results from raging on twitter, the same problems are still happening.  I have in my most angry and frustrated state have gone off on the one person that I have contact with and a few other people.  The reason is because the same things keep happening over and over!

I am still receiving replies to the original post I posted a year ago.  I have had 1,628 hits and counting on that article alone.  I think and I am assuming that most are just so frustrated and angry that they don’t even want to attempt to post.  They like me see the same issues over and over and  figure that it isn’t worth replying to a post.  Because they have gone through everything on the kobo site to get their issue resolved, and they are still waiting…..

When I had my issue, I had called them at least half a dozen times and they escalated it to their infamous Tier II customer service, which in my opinion doesn’t exist.  You are kept waiting for an indefinite period until you either give up or just forget them all together.  I believe in my heart that the only reason why I received such quick service is because I posted about my experiences, and tweeted on twitter about it to anyone who would listen.  It was only then that I was contacted by a person who works in their VIP Customer Service Team.  He is a smooth talker I tell you, he gave me a $50 credit on their website, and refunded the double payment and some NSF fees that I had incurred because of their screw up.  I ended up getting so frustrated, I gave the credit away to someone, I didn’t want to have anything more to do with them.  I have since de-activated my account and removed their app from my smartphone.

By the end of it all, it was settled, and I was happy.  But then other blogging people I know had voiced their frustration at the  issues they were having, so I decided to help them.  I also heard of others having the same and different issues with either their devices, downloading problems, paying for and not receiving the book they ordered, or paid and only receiving the book preview not the whole book.  I have even done so much for you dear reader that I have forwarded your email information to kobo, so that your issue could be dealt with in a timely manner. At least I hope it was.

I do so because I am a caring person.  I do it out of the goodness of my heart.  What I don’t appreciate is when the same issues keep happening and was promised by phone and email that the issues are going to be taken care of  but, yet, they keep happening – over, and over and OVER again.  Now you can see why I posted Dobby (sorry Dobby), I am so frustrated that things keep happening, not new ones but the same ones I hear about.  It’s not only here, but on twitter as well.

I have to confess, I actually went back to buy an eBook a few months ago, and they changed their site around so that instead of clicking one button to bring you to the payment screen, now you have to click two.  I contacted my person and explained the issue, he had someone else help me, and that person didn’t even help.  They gave me completely useless information!  They did however, forget to mention that they had changed their payment procedure.  Did they tell anyone….NOPE!!

Another instance that they had not informed anyone of a change on their website a few months after that when was a friend of mine noticed that if you have a credit card on file, they will automatically charge it, instead of giving you the choice of payment options, unless you change that or delete your credit card entirely from their site.  After she had spent countless times on the phone and frustrating her to no end.

I will keep forwarding your email information and comment details to them, because it has been like I mentioned before a year minus a few days that this keeps happening.

Will I buy from them ever again….NOPE!!  Will you?!?  I won’t assume, but probably not.

This whole issue comes down to customer service.  There are plenty more eReaders out in the market now, From Sony, Kindle,  Nook and some other not so well-known companies vying for your business.  And there are plenty of places you can buy eBooks from, so your options haven’t waned in that department.  Maybe just better customer service.

When I was younger, my father always used to tell me that Customer Service is #1.  I truly believe that.  I have found more and more in the last few years that most companies don’t care because there are probably 10 more people behind you wanting something.  They would rather lose you and gain 5 more customers.  I guess that is the name of the game, in my opinion, I would rather take care of you the way I would like to be treated and keep you and the other 5 behind me waiting as customers.  Seems to me that sounds like a far better way to go instead of only gaining 5 instead of 6.

Kobo, knows all about my issues, I have yelled and screamed, been nice and cordial with them, even then it doesn’t work.  What ever happened to quality,  a job well done, or doing things the right way once instead of having to do it again over and over until you get it right.  I digress, yes, everyone is human, and we do make mistakes.

But, enough is enough ! 

Kobo Help  / Customer ServiceEmail Phone / Kobo Twitter Feed

Now, if you don’t get anywhere with those links, please leave a comment on this post, or the previous one I have posted and I will help  in any way that I can.  After I send them the email, it is entirely out of my hands, so please, don’t shoot the messenger !

My Kobo statistics for the last year – actual as of today’s date*


2 thoughts on “KOBO, KOBO, KOBO ….You are really discouraging a lot of people….including me!!!

  1. Since I changed devices, I’ve had a lot less issues. I don’t think I’ve had any issues in the last few months. *fingers crossed* In my opinion, Kobo has gotten better but it’s clear they’re prioritizing expansion and not customer service. I frequently check their twitter mentions, and it’s mostly people complaining about customer service.

    Their website is very behind the times: no cart, hard to search for titles… but they have introduced pre-orders which i’m happy about. So far, so good…I haven’t had any problems with my pre-orders. They’ve also added visa debit cards which I like. I would like for them to give the option to save more than one card in the credit card option. I use paypal if I want to use a different card.

    The android app is not up to par with the iPad/iPhone app, which is strange because their devices are android. You would think that would be their upgrading priority. I’m hoping to see an upgrade soon.

    • I know and I agree with you. And you are right about the expansion part. They want to be everywhere they aren’t in a short amount of time. Which sucks, because their customers they are trying to attract will see their twitter feed or their facebook page, or posts like this one and become discouraged very quickly.

      If they have a so-called Tier II customer service, I wonder who they actually have working for them monkeys? Because I am sure that monkeys or any other form of apes would be doing a far better job than they are doing now. Unless you have a twitter account and can yell and scream at them from there I highly doubt that you will get a response.

      I know I’m being brutally honest, but, they change aspects of their site and don’t bother to tell anyone and then they wonder why potential or return customers are so angry and frustrated.

      With all of the complaints on twitter and don’t get me wrong I have heard of a few people that thankfully don’t have issues with them and they are happy. I hope they never do have an issue. It will be quite the pain in the butt if they attempt to if past experiences are any indication.

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