Right now, I am a single mom to a teenager, and I absolutely LOVE to read.  I enjoy many other things such as watching movies, listening to music whether live or a recording.

I enjoy watching  those typical Canadian sports such as Hockey, Soccer, and Figure Skating.

I do a little photography, reading marvelous books and giving my thoughts and feelings.

I have volunteered at various things such as my son’s school, library events, as well as in the community.

I have a background in health care  (Nursing) taking care of people.  I also have a substantial background in addiction.

My choices in books and just anything really is quite eclectic, and varies greatly.  As you can see, I have many interests and the best way to find out about them is reading about them.

I have been a featured reader for the CBC Book Club and House of Anansi.

I have been told that I have been a key blogger from many in the publishing industry, as well as have been praised by authors/editors that I know how to capture the essence of a particular book effortlessly.

To some, I am a close friend, their “go to” or “book lady”  to find a particular book,  one that will listen to whatever problem or situation comes their way.

I have also been interviewed and have been spotlighted on Torontoist Magazine, as well as Open Book Ontario, with more coming as time permits, so stay tuned.

Most recently, I have also done a podcast for the CBC Book Club.

My son, Nick has also been getting his eyes involved in a few books that he wanted to read and review.  A little while ago, he was also featured on another blog where he was asked questions about which books he loved the most (non- fiction)(history) and why men like certain genres of books.

I am a member of various web sites as well, so please feel free to see me at those sites as well, they are listed below highlighted with links so all you have to do is click on the link and voila, you are there !


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