About Me


Right now, I am a single mom to a handsome boy, and I absolutely LOVE to read.  I enjoy many other things such as watching movies, listening to music whether live or a recording, in a park.  I enjoy watching  those typical Canadian sports such as Hockey, Soccer, and Figure Skating, as well as others.
I do a little photography, reading marvelous books and giving my thoughts and feelings.
I have volunteered at various things such as my son’s school, library events, as well as in the community.  I have a background in health care  (Nursing) taking care of people.  I also have a background in addiction.
My choices in books and just anything really is quite eclectic, and varies greatly.  As you can see, I have many interests and the best way to find out about them is reading about them.
I have been a featured reader for the CBC Book Club This is the update to the CBC Book Club Featured Readers and House of Anansi.
I have been told that I have been a key blogger from many in the publishing industry, as well as have been praised by authors/editors that I know how to capture the essence of a particular book effortlessly.
To some, I am a close friend, their “go to” or “book lady”  to find a particular book,  one that will listen to whatever problem or situation comes their way.
I have also been interviewed and have been spotlighted on Torontoist Magazine.  Most recently, I have also done a podcast for the CBC Book Club.